Werewolves Romace

Enter the amazing world of werewolves, were snarling and fangs are an everyday thing.

In all my reviews, please be assured that I have already read the book cover to cover. My interest in werewolf culture is great, and I have a passion for this type of reading. Especially when through the story you get to feel what the characters are feeling. That is the true art of authors when it comes to doing their magic.

DARK ALPHA,  By Christina Park

"I'll ruin you till there's nothing left to give."

Every member of the lupine Realm lost his sanity after a few centuries of living without a mate. King Sinclair de Noir was resigned to a life in the wild, mateless and alone. Till he finds out that the girl he's been torturing in his dungeons is his mate.

"I'm not weak. I won't let you break me."

Vannie Alba is vengeful. The King may have killed her family and captured her for torture, but by the goddess, she'll make him pay, eye for eye. Even if he tells her now that they are mates and acts like he has changed, she will never forgive him.

"My kingdom for a kiss."


By Christina Park 

If you are a lover of werewolf stories, this book will not disappoint you. 

In all. This is a book of approximately four hours. In case you read it without rest. But don't think it'll take too long either if you don't get a chance to sit down and finish it in one go.

I included the introduction along with the book cover, and as you can see, it doesn't say much about what the story is about. However, I will give a brief summary, to give you an idea in case this book is your choice.

The story is about a couple of fated wolves who started their relationship on the wrong foot. They hate each other at first, especially when Sinclair, who is the wolf king, ruined Vinnie's life without mercy. She is held captive, where she is mistreated. This is at the beginning, and I tell you that for people who do not like to read the violence described graphically, the author here mentions it only as a reminder of what happened.

Vinnie and Sinclair realize they are mates, and he takes a shocking turn in the way he treats her. Looking to claim

Their relationship progresses, and in it, you begin to see the characteristics of each one of them. Vinnie is strong, without being ridiculous (the superwoman who can do everything and is stubborn to the point that the author destroys his/her own character, making her unpleasant. In their desire to make her independent and capable of doing everything without anyone's help). This is not the case, here, the author projects her as someone with resentment, a strong personality, and above all she keeps what she promises. Since her suffering has led her to feel that way.

Sinclair, for his part, is a king carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, unable to trust anyone. He is not only a wolf but something else. Soulless as he is, but with the presence of his mate, his character is transformed. His regret is such that he would give everything for a kiss from her.

Both characters are likeable, and others make this story reach.

This reading has a dark tone and some aspects that could offend sensibilities, but it is minimal. As I said, it's not that descriptive. I would classify it as a dark romance, but soft. If you are interested, you can click on the title, and it will take you directly to where you can purchase it.

By Maya Banks

This is a tragic and emotional novel, in which our heroine Heather has to go through circumstances that lead her to end up with a broken body and heart.

Heather and her two mates will face the impossible, only the immense love that she harbors in her heart has the solution. She lost the love of her mates, as well as her pack due to a misunderstanding. Alone and sick, she has to survive, until her mates realize their mistake and come back for her.

Cael and Riyu, her lovers, are brothers, among the community of wolves it is common to know of these arrangements. Heather is human, but she adjusts to their ways quickly.

The interaction between them is deep, and their devotion to each other is admirable. Life is not easy and even though your love is solidified, there will always be something that stands between your happiness. It will make you cry eventually, I assure you.

In general, the story is common, but the way in which the author describes it is the one that is worth it. And the cover of the book is not transmitting the content as it should be, but as they said, don't judge a book by the cover.

The environment in which the story takes place is described in detail, which makes you transport yourself to that place.

This romantic novel touches on themes such as abortion and rape. The scenes are not graphic, but they are mentioned as events in the story.

It is relatively short, and you will easily be able to finish it in a couple of hours.

LOVE ME STILL,  By Maya Banks

Forgiveness is the most difficult thing to give but the most cherished thing to receive.

Beloved mate to two wolves, Heather lived an idyllic life until hunters destroyed the pack’s peaceful existence.

Believing their mate betrayed them and was responsible for their father’s death, Cael and Riyu cut Heather from their lives. But when they realize their terrible mistake, can they ever gain her forgiveness and win back her love?