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Nora and Erik When we were nothing VIOSHED
Nora was part of a transaction her father and Erik agreed upon. Already married at the age of 18, five years, Nora is lonely and desperate. 
Life, she thought, is nowhere near reality. The life of crime, and the unbridled carnal excesses that her husband lives, are dangerously bordering her on the brink of despair. 
Betrayed by her family, and by her husband. Nora wants to find a way out of this unwanted life, and one day finds love. 
Returning to my Alpha VIOSHED
Buried in an ancient cursed forest, full of magic and danger, Brid is brought back to life. She vowed revenge and that she would return to the arms of her beloved mate, Kael, and take back what she lost.Brid has to leave the enchanted forest on her own since her wolf Leaf is no longer with her, reaped away from her soul. She is on her own now, left in only her human body, and it's up to her to save herself and get Leaf back. But coming back to her home won't be the same. Her enemies made sure that no one in town will see her as their Luna. Actually, they want to name Luna someone else.Find out if their love is strong enough to overcome lies and deceptions. Join Brid and Kael in this passionate story of pain, love, and trust.
It's Our Destiny VIOSHED
Do you know what it's like to wake up every morning thinking that the day I'll finally see him face to face is drawing near? Do you have any idea how fast my heart beats just imagining his body next to mine? Or how the desire to taste her lips consumes me at every moment? Would you leave everything to go searching for him? No?Terra, from the age of fifteen, abandoned her home, her family, and the security that her pack offered her with the sole purpose of finding her fated mate. For five years she has wandered the world, going from pack to pack, in his search. However, what she imagined would be their first meeting, in reality, would not be like that.Terra, immensely hurt, decides to fight, putting aside the pain it causes her to see them together, to see him with his wife. When he tends to his daughter, which is not hers. But he is hers because the Moon goddess decided so, in heaven. She will not give up, since he has been the only reason for her existence.
Wasn't my love enought? What would you do for love VIOSHED
Sandra's heart broke into a thousand pieces when she found out about the betrayal of the only love in her life, Terry. Her suffering was such that she completely lost her mind, not knowing the real reasons why Terry did it.  
She abandoned everything, taking refuge in a life that was not for her until the man she had blocked from her mind came back for her, but this time, he didn't show up alone. 
Nora And Erik, When Our Souls Entertwined VIOSHED
Life seems to shine her way finally, but her happiness was cut short. Nora thought that she had finally found her way to happiness. 
But her whole life fell apart in a matter of minutes. 
Alone and pregnant, Nora will have to face the person she fears the most from her past. Discover the future that awaits Nora, where betrayals and misfortunes are just around the corner. And revenge is the main dish. 
The Thorns King's Wife VIOSHED
Moriah was one of the most prestigious psychiatrists in the country, until the king of the underworld, stepped his eyes on her. 
Her life stopped being perfect, having visions and hearing voices. A total world was opened up to her without Moriah knowing it. 
She thought that her illness could be cured, and after successfully treating what she believed to be mental illness, the real hit her hard, when she fell into the claws of the lord of the underworld. 
Pain and suffering is the only thing that awaits her in the kingdom of the god of the underworld. 
Envy and jealousy surround the king's court, along with legendary creatures with ancient powers. Moriah has to survive in her new life and accept that the demon king will never let her go.
Wasn't my love enought? I would do everything for love VIOSHED
Sandra cannot accept what is happening to her. They are destroying the world that she has created with pain and tears. Terry and Frank have lost their minds. They have taken over her entire life, and both of them are determined to follow their strategy to the letter to recover Sandra's love. No matter how painful it will be.
Navigate with Sandra, Terry, and Frank to the end of this passionate and painful story.  Where loyalties are measured, some wills are imposed, and the love promises of youth are put to the test.
The Fall of the Queen VIOSHED
Queen Amberjill is the beloved wife of the powerful King of Mahala. He has sworn that she will be the only one in his life if she marries him. All her happiness and dreams came true, and she could not ask for anything more from life. 
But King Alcott took a second wife, right in her face, toppling the crystal pedestal where she had placed him. Not only the king, but the people of Mahala support the new bride, agreeing that the queen needs help to give the kingdom an heir because she had not been able to after two years of marriage. 
Her heart broke to pieces, betrayed by her love, and his people. Amberjill needs a plan to survive because not only her life is at risk, but her heart. But not everything is what it seems. The court is a dangerous place, in which the queen and the king are always in danger. However, King Alcott is willing to face everyone to protect his queen. Even if she hates him. 
The Thorn's Mark VIOSHED
Moriah believes that her suffering will have no end. Life in the Underworld is slowly killing her, and all her hopes and will to leave are fading away. She found herself at the mercy of a conspiracy, realizing that the husband that one desire her, was no more, becoming her worst nightmare. For all demons, the only thing that matters, is that Moriah must fulfil her destiny.The fight between heaven and hell can break out at any moment, and Armaloth will do whatever it takes to make the prophecy come true, and not even the god above himself will stand in his way.If you enjoy conspiracies, cruel demons, a helpless human, and ancient creatures, you will enjoy this book.
The Champion, The Final Fight VIOSHED
The four-time heavyweight world boxing champion, Marcelo Walker. 
He has it all, fame, money, faithful friends, and, most of all, his wife, Mandy, and the man who took him out of the streets, Richard. 
Both of them have been by his side through thick and thin. Marcelo is the apple of their eyes, and they would do everything for him. 
But he lost everything overnight. Through self-destruction, Marcelo's life spiralled out of control. All the demons from his past tormented him. 
Finding himself lost, and helpless, he finally realizes he can no longer live the way he is. Hurting himself, and all those around him. Now, he knows he is about to face the toughest fight of his entire life. 
It is up to Marcelo now to rebuild and regain what he lost.