Billionaire Romance

I will explain this section because many people wonder what is the difference between mafia romance, dark romance, and Billionaire romance.

For example, if there is a millionaire, but his profession has nothing to do with the mafia, cartels, or criminal associations, this is the right place to place him.

However, the dark Billionaire Romance does exist. Our protagonists can be as bad and dirty as any gangster story. Could be a light, simple Billionaire romance, or a Dark Billionaire romance. Your choice. But for me, always must have some dark aspect to keep me glued to the pages.

So, let's start with this title


Some people have loving homes.

Mine only has laws.

And she will learn to obey …

When I found Natalie alone and afraid, I knew she was the one.

She came to me looking for answers to her past.

But every dark desire has a price.

Now she’s here in my domain, locked in the dark, waiting for me …

And I am more than ready to make her submit.


By ClarisA Wild

A romance psychological suspense novel. It sounds incredible. But let's see if this is really what we would like to read. Nataly knows nothing of her past, but she longs to know. And by not-so fate, she finds the answers she was looking for. You can read the prequel, and it will explain the origins of why. It's free, in Kindle Unlimited.

But all is not as it seems, and she is mercilessly thrown into some kind of cult. Where women are nothing. She will fight and try to escape because to stay there is to be dead in life.

This book is dark, and I sincerely recommend that you read the author's warnings. There are situations that will be difficult for many to assimilate, such as kidnapping, humiliation, and torture. And almost impossible for others to accept, but that's the story. I remind you that this is fiction, and none of the characters existed. Don't feel bad about enjoying a story like this. It is pure fantasy, I pinpoint.

I didn't really see the romance between Noha and Nataly, swearing eternal love, no. The story is more intrinsic and focused on the conditions that members of the sect must suffer at the hands of their leaders. But the revelation at the end, and the decision of the protagonist, will be worth the trip.

Some of you will hate, or love this book, but none of you will put it down until finishing the last page. As I told you, some stories that I included in my blog must keep you on your toes. Otherwise, what is the purpose? The story is divided into two books, Under His Rules, and Beyond His Control called His Duet. You can find it for free also if you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited.

Greed is the first book in the trilogy, A sinful empire. This dark story, full of dangers, will assault your senses, making you live each of the experiences of the characters in the story. Antonio and Daniela's story is about an arranged marriage. In these circumstances, everything starts badly. 

The endless struggle between the two wills is what will keep you on the edge of your seat. Antonio is a sadistic character, who does not recognize the need of people, and only he and his will is the only thing that will prevail. Daniela just tries to live her life with what she has left after her father's death. The plot is very interesting, and the development of all the events is captured in an environment that is masterfully described.

This dark romance will not disappoint you, which is why I highly recommend this series. Lust and Envy are the books that follow. The plot gets better and better, leaving no loose ends. As you must already know in all Dark romance novels, there are themes that are not suitable for everyone. In this case, you will face with female abuse, humiliation, and cheating. Read the Author's specifications before purchasing any copy.

GREED An Arranged Marriage Dark Billionaire Romance (A Sinful Empire Book 1)  By Eva Charles

Some girls grow up in castles with fortresses to protect them from monsters.

Other girls grow up in castles with fortresses to protect the monsters.

I am both of these girls.

Antonio Huntsman comes to call soon after my father dies.

Unannounced, unapologetic, and unmistakably in charge.

With a dangerous gaze and bespoke suit, he looks every bit the man who haunts my dreams.

I'm sure he wants my family's priceless vineyards.

They’ll be the crowning jewel of his empire.

But I’m wrong.

He wants me.