Fantasy Romance

This is one of the genres I love the most. The mix between dark romance and fantasy is the best that could be invented.

I have discovered throughout the books I have read that what really makes your heart beat is the hidden desire that people have to experience a reality that does not exist. The powers and abilities that normal humans lack are what makes us yearn for them more. I say it as an experience and also as something that I have investigated in comments from many people.

So I will introduce this section with this magnificent book.

THE PRINCE'S PRISONER  A Dark Paranormal Fae Romance  By Quinn Blackbird

A dark fae prince. A stolen human girl. And an unwanted marriage.

Not all beasts can be redeemed... Callie doesn’t believe in fairy tales. Too bad they believe in her. 

The Fae whisk Callie and her friend off to be prisoners of an eternal dance. 

But Callie is stolen again. Maybe the eternal dance wasn’t so bad after all…

A lethal Fae has taken her as his unwilling bride, and she has to balance between life and death in his castle, while finding a way out of the dangerous Fae realm. Only, she’s playing games with the Prince of War.

The Prince learns just how far Callie will go to save her friend from a lifetime of torture—and just what she will do to save herself from his clutches. Callie must escape the wicked prince before she turns from prisoner to prey. But as the prince himself tells her, ‘Sacrifice is no noble thing in the Fae realm.’ Everything in the Fae realm comes at a price…

This is a book I read a couple of years ago, and several times since.

The way the author narrates the events and everything around is good. It makes you imagine every detail of the environment where everything takes place.

Have you ever imagined what a Fae looks like? In this story the author will guide you on the right path, plus what you would add to it with your imagination, creating the appearance of your main character.

This story is one of suffering, anguish, and of course deprivation of the liberty of the protagonist.

Like any story, the adaptation of the characters to each other is complicated, and more so for the heroine. Here you will find punishments that will chill your skin and moments in which you would like to experience them for yourself.

The author maintains the originality of the characters until the end, changing some aspects to accommodate their new circumstances, but true to their thought. You can read it for free with your Kindle Unlimited

You will not see here eternal devotion, nor love at first sight. What you will read is the struggle to remain as you are, in the midst of what surrounds you.