I would have liked to classify this genre as werewolves, but the Omegavers have some very particular characteristics that make these stories unique. First, Alphas don't transform into wolves, they're just Alphas with incredible super-human strength, most of them, and nothing else. Then there are the betas, who are often portrayed as labourers, boring and sterile in some cases. And finally the Omegas. They are the opposite of the Alpha, and their only function in life is to procreate for them, and the Alphas know it since the omegas are the only ones that can support the knot without dying in the attempt. The stories as well are topped with primal instincts, the main one, reproduction, so you will see a lot of bedroom activity. Possessive Alphas and defenseless Omegas who sometimes manage to turn the table and have the Alphas in their pockets. This genre is exquisite and full of eroticism. It's dirty and humiliating, but it doesn't fail to captivate readers. 

THE ALPHA'S WOMAN The Alpha's Woman, Book 1 By Carolyn Faulkner

When she is released from the stasis she voluntarily entered, the world that greets Emily Harding is far from what she expected. It more closely resembles a post-apocalyptic novel than the rolling green Tennessee hills she’s left behind.

Worse than that, it seems that the rule of law is a thing of the past, and that society has devolved into what it was thousands of years ago – feudal tribes warring with each other over precious and rare supplies, which includes females. One type of female in particular.

It is raw, unforgiving, and animalistic. Much like the behavior of the man who takes her and holds her there, forcing her to learn that even she is not unaffected by the changes that have been wrought on the world, proving to her time and time again that she is nothing more to him than a means to obtain children.

And making her scream in agonizing pleasure as he does so.

Publisher’s Note: The Alpha's Woman is a dark tale with some explicit themes. 


The Alpha's Woman, Book 1

By Carolyn Faulkner 

I couldn't talk about this topic without naming one of the best female writers in this genre, so we'll start with this title.
This series was one of the first I read when I discovered this genre, and it captivated me. This is the story of Emily and Vaudt, a nurse and a warlord. From the beginning of the story, Vaudt's possessiveness overshadows everything, and she has no choice but to bow her head. This is a dark reading, so you will know what you will read.
Their relationship slowly progressed on an affective level as opposed to a sexual one, which start developing the first moment they met. If you love to read a book with spanking and punishment included, this will do it for you. These characters were carefully created and placed in a vast and creative context. Like any post-apocalyptic story, there are many gaps and the characters face decline. This series is called The Mate of the Omega (5 book series) The next book is Kosh's Omega, Red's Mate, An Omega's Awakening, and The Omega Within. You can read them for free if you have Kindle Unlimited


Book 1

By Nora Ash 

Romance, drama, and action are what you will find in this series. The Obsession book is the first of three. This Omegavers story will leave you wanting more. It's raw, and it will make you hate the world. But without a doubt, you will enjoy the context that is rich in imagination. The setting and characters are vast and well-detailed. Your mind will be able to fly at the same time as what the characters are experiencing. Subject 351, or Zach and Lilian, are a match made in heaven. Their chemistry is real and the way they interact is great. And along with the other characters, the Author made sure to create a wild and exciting world. The book is dirty, and full of sex. Wild and limitless. You will find scenes of consensual and non-consensual sex, violence, blood, and scientific experiments on the characters.

This FERAL series has three books, OBSESSION the First, DESPAIR the second, and TORMENT the third. All three can be found in the Kindle store

I never wanted a mate.

Until I was put in chains.

Strapped down.

And claimed.

I always believed I could analyze any situation until I found a solution. Solve any problem if I just applied my brain. I went to university, studied science and told myself my academic cocoon would protect me from the alphas dominating our society.

I was wrong.

No textbook prepared me for my meeting with test subject 351. The biggest, scariest alpha on death row, hauled into my lab to uncover how to control the beast of a man. How to make him submit. Mold him into a weapon.

But there is no controlling the feral alpha, and no logic strong enough to save my mind once he unleashes his fury on my body.

Once he claims me.

Obsession is the first book in Nora Ash’s second suspense-filled Omegaverse serial, FERAL. Please note: This series gets dark, and it gets dirty. If you don’t enjoy your romance scorching and your alphas rough & dominant, give this book a pass.